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“My mission, vision, and goal is to meet or exceed the expectations of every client that walks through the door. Providing excellent service, results and care using only medical grade Health Canada approved equipment by professionally trained Laser Technicians and Skin Care Specialists is our guarantee.”

Harmony Aven, Owner - Inspire Skin & Laser Clinic

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the process of removing hair by means of exposing the hair follicles to pulsing light that cauterizes the blood supply, destroying the follicle all together. With a success rate of 95% hair reduction after a series of regular treatments with our Candela GentleMax Pro Alexander Yag Combo. Treating all skin types safety and effectively.

Visia Skin Analysis

Visia Skin Analysis is a leading technology used to analyze age related skin changes, providing objective and detailed information about the condition of your skin. From pigmentation, sun damage, vascular, fine lines, pore size, tone and texture of the skin to measuring lash growth and true age of the skin, the Visia system uses advanced imaging techniques, such as multi-point positioning, to capture in-depth, high-resolution images of your skin at a dermal level.


Hydrafacial is a medical grade facial, appropriate for all skin types and addressing a multitude of concerns. While gently exfoliating the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) you can actually see dead, dull and damaged skin cells lifting away. It also cleans clogged pores while infusing the hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants, leaving your skin feeling clean, hydrated, bright, plump and glowing.


Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation using a 10 gauge blade to remove dead dull skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the surface of the skin. This service is quite often combined with a light chemical peel for deeper exfoliation, leaving the skin smooth and bright.

Makeup application will never be smoother than after a dermaplaning treatment.

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin by destroying dead skin cells and cleaning clogged pores. This lightens the appearance of pigmentation (sun damage),  leaving skin feeling soft and bright.


Vascular laser treatment helps reduce the appearance of vascular lesions, and spider veins by targeting the affected areas with a gentle laser light. Using short pulses of intense light, energy is converted into heat, which gets rid of the targeted vessels, leaving other areas of the skin unharmed.


Also known as “Collagen Induction Therapy”. This is a cosmetic procedure done with our EDermastamp by Dermaspark that causes micro injuries to the skin at all different depths, these injuries trigger your bodies healing response. By doing so your body will want to grow new skin cells that form your brick and motor in the dermal layer called Collagen and Elastin Fibres, this is what gives your skin plump youthful structure.
At the same time we are breaking up unwanted pigmentation, scarring, clearing full pores out, bringing new nutrient rich blood to the surface, giving your skin an all over even tone and texture!
We can treat all areas of the body, from stretch marks to acne scarring, or just to bring that youthful glow back to the skin!
Multiple treatments needed for best results, depending on skin concern or condition. Typically 3-6 treatments 4-6 weeks a part. Maintenance yearly. Expected downtime 24-48 hours.

Photo Rejuvenation

This is a cosmetic laser treatment used to treat unwanted pigmentation such as sun damage or irregular pigment production from acne or injury.
With our Candela GentleMax Pro Alexandrite we set our target (Melanin). Fragmenting the sun damage up and bringing it to the surface where it will dry up and flake off! We treat according to the individuals skin type, (treating skin types 1-4 only) and amount of sun damage present. We can treat all areas of the body where pigmentation is present, our most popular areas are Face, Decollette, shoulders, arms and hands.
Generally 1-3 Treatments are needed for best results, 4-6 weeks a part. Maintenance yearly. No downtime, just darkening of the targeted pigment.

Precision Cryotherapy

We treat most common lesions on your face with our Freezpen. Age spots, Angiomas, Dark spots, Fibromas, Keratosis, Moles, Skin tabs, Warts and more!

SAFE: Non-invasive and accurate treatment significantly reduces risks and complications.
FAST: Most treatments take less than a minute!
COMFORTABLE: No anesthesia required. Patients report minimal discomfort.
NO DOWNTIME: Patients resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.
NO SCARS: As opposed to other invasive treatments, FreezPen does not leave any permanent scars on the skin.

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We have the lowest price guarantee on laser hair removal for the lower mainland.

We provide our clients:

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Professionally trained technicians from All Body Laser Corp, Port Coquitlam.
  • Medical grade Health Canada approved equipment.
  • Mineral based skin care & makeup products.

Professional Technicians

Harmony Aven

Harmony Aven

Cosmetic Laser Technician, Skin Care Specialist, Owner Operator

Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea Taylor

Cosmetic Laser Technician, Skin Care Specialist

Brandee Elsie

Brandee Elsie

Cosmetic Laser Technician, Aesthetician

Molly Shellard

Molly Shellard

Cosmetic Laser Technician, Aesthetician

Dr Nicola Bennett ND

Dr Nicola Bennett ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Aliyah Kelly

Aliyah Kelly

Nail Technician


What People Are Saying

I have had the pleasure of being Harmony‘s client for a variety of different treatments over the years, she is currently helping me navigate my way through malasma with Micro-needling and 1 week after my first treatment I am already seeing an improvement… I am so excited to see what it looks like in 4-6 weeks! 

 She always takes the time to ensure that each treatment is unique to my personal needs.. this is unlike anything I have encountered before and why I keep going back for more. Harmony brings experience, compassion, knowledge and an intuitive touch… I trust her completely!

The best way to turn an appointment at the medi-spa and laser clinic into an experience you will want to tell all your friends about is to book at Inspire Skin and Laser. I HIGHLY recommend them! 


“Harmony is very inviting and made me feel very comfortable. Her spa was very clean and a beautiful set up. I had all my questions answered fully with honestly. Prices are extremely fair compared to most spas with services fulfilled with time and patience and amazing products used. Highly recommend Inspire Skin & Laser and I am looking forward to booking all my skincare needs through Harmony !”
Sandeep Toor

“So happy I finally got in to see Harmony today! My skin has been a struggle lately (thank you hormones) and I had the skin analysis done which helped us determine which treatment would be best for my skin. I had my first microneedling session done as well and I am very excited to see the results – I know I need to invest the time and money but I’m totally confident in Harmony and her recommendation. Bonus points – Harmony is so lovely and her space is so clean and comfortable – I can’t wait to see her for more services; can’t recommend Inspire Skin and Laser enough xo”
Shannon Hamson

“I would highly recommend Brandy.She is super knowledgeable and she goes above and beyond to get the results.
I had a few sessions with her. I was able to achieve desired results by following her advice. I would say she knows what she is doing and she will never miss guide you.

Also, if you are new to this and you have no idea, she is the one you would want to go too. She is a good listener and will work accordingly to get best results”

Jaipuneet kaur Sidhu

“I am a facial treatment virgin and after some research, I decided to have my “first” with inspire.
The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Harmony is amazing. She takes her time explain the process and options to me and you can tell this isn’t just a job for her, this is her passion.
If you are still looking around, look no further, THIS is the place”

Achanart Jamie Cammack

“Looking to get a facial?! well look no further and book with Harmony at Inspire skin and laser! Experienced my first hydra facial with Harmony and it was the best experience! She explained everything in regards to the procedure which made me feel at ease. She answered all my questions and gave great suggestions to help with my skin. I can not wait to book my next appt! Thank you Harmony!”
Amy Kang-Hothi

“Had a fabulous relaxation facial & lash lift with Brandee recently. Will definitely be back soon for more pampering.”

“It was very clean. The professional atmosphere made me feel very comfortable while I was there to receive treatment. Additionally, I was very happy with the results.”
Dayna Nipkow

I am over the moon with my lash extensions!! Such an amazing job!! Warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere! We all need a little pampering, whether it’s facials, laser or lashes, I recommend a visit to Inspire Skin & Laser!!!

Lora Lynn

“Loved it harmony thank you ?? your my new microneedling skin clearing queen✨”

“Thank you Harmony for my first facial ever! You were so kind and the results were fantastic. I had a hydrafacial and my boyfriend even commented on the glow my skin had the following day. Clinic is super clean and relaxing and you feel welcome from the moment you walk in. Like seeing a friend. Thank you again I can’t say enough great things about you or your work.”
Deanna H

“I was blown away with not only the clinic (gorgeous and clean), but also the service I received. I highly recommend Inspire and look forward to coming back!”
Julie Desgroseillers


What you need to know

Laser Removal FAQ’s

How does laser hair removal work?
Using laser light we target the pigment (melanin) in the hair to take the heat from the laser light down into the hair follicle where it cauterizes the blood supply (dermal papillae) of all the active hair in the treatment area, no blood supply no hair growth!
There are 3 stages of hair growth, not every hair is in the active stage at the same time, this is why we need a series of treatments for your best level of hair reduction.
Does laser hair removal hurt?
Best description is the snap of an elastic to the skin, our Candela GentleLase Plus has a built in cooling system making treatments very quick and comfortable!
Do I have to shave before my appointment?
YES, we ask that you shave the area the day of your appointment but no longer than one day before. We don’t want any hair at the surface of the skin that the laser would be drawn to, we want all that light to reach the follicle.
What things should I avoid before my appointment?
Avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your treatment.
Check your medications for photosensitivity.
Avoid waxing the area for four weeks prior to your treatment.
No bleaches 4-6 weeks prior to your treatment.
How long do I go between treatments? How many will I need?
On average we know the different areas of the bodies hair growth cycle takes between 4-10 weeks for the dormant hairs to return to the active stage and be treatable. Committing to a set schedule for your treatment, a plan given to you by your technician, will ensure you have the best reduction out of your series. Typically, we see a minimum of 8 treatments and upwards of 12 treatments to be most effective. Varying factors that could require an increase of necessary treatments include: hormone imbalances, pregnancy, medications that trigger hair growth, or lack of sticking to your treatment plan.

Waxing FAQ’s

How often should I get waxed?
Usually every 4 weeks depending on how quickly the hair grows
How long should the hair be?
About 1/4 inch or the length of a grain of rice.
What is the difference between the bikini, French and Brazilian wax?
A bikini wax is anything that would show in a bikini bottom. French brings it in a bit more and a Brazilian is everything from front to back and includes the bum line, all hair is removed.
Is there anything I should do after waxing?
Yes leave the area alone for the day. No hot showers, exfoliating, exercising or tanning. Makeup is ok as long as it is a mineral makeup so that it won’t clog pores and cause irritation.

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