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Have you heard about Micro-Needling? also know as “collagen induction therapy” If you have and want to know more, or never have you need to! Read on to find out why this treatment has exploded into the aesthetic world in such a big way!
Micro-Needling is fast become one of the most well know and common facials, and there is a good reason! the results coming out of needling are not just for your face, but we are seeing amazing results for people with stretch marks, scarring, unwanted pigmentation (Hyper-Pigmentation) and loss of pigment (Hypo-Pigmentation).
What is Micro-Needling? A micro injury to the skin triggering your bodies own healing response, when that happens fresh blood full of nutrients flows to the area being treated, your pigment cells (Melanocytes) are triggered to produce healthy amounts of pigment (Melanin), Collagen and Elastin fibers are prompted to grow new skin, and scars are broken up and softened from the micro needles moving through the area. As your skin heals over the 4-6 weeks cells turn over, which is when you would want to retreat again, repeating this until you’ve reached desired changes and results (typically 3-6 treatments depending on skin condition or concern being treated).
What are the Indications for Micro-Needling? Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, melasma (hormonally triggered pigmentation), large pores, over active oil glands (sebaceous glands) stretch marks, acne scarring, hyper or hypo pigmentation, lax skin, loss of volume and more!
Does it hurt? We use a topical numbing agent to help take the edge off of the treatment, but most people who take well to freezing at the dentist find they don’t feel any of the treatment, (sometimes slightly on the forehead or around the lips). Its a very fast and comfortable treatment.
How many days off work will I need for down time? 24-48 hours max, you can apply makeup 24 hours after needling once all those micro pin points have all closed up, although we do recommend using a mineral based makeup with low Talc added so the skin can still breath. Also worth mentioning that the more you do to your skin the healthier it gets and the bigger the skin tolerance grows for treatments, which in turns means faster healing!
Will I peel? Often there is dryness and possible flaking around day 3-5, which is your skins way of exfoliating all the dead skin cells off from the needling, revealing fresh, soft, bright, new skin!
Is it expensive? At Inspire we strive to make skin and laser affordable for almost everyone, so we offer package pricing as well as a reasonable individual treatment pricing option!

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