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Fall is here and with it comes the damage year after year we do to our skin playing in the sun all summer long! Now this is not a bad thing, in fact we need the sun for vitamin D, we need to play, vacation and enjoy our friends and children in the summer for our health and well being! so don’t stop! Just make sure you are using a good sun screen and come see us in the fall or through the winter to help correct the damage to the skin before it builds, continues to darken and gest more visible on the surface of the skin.
Photo Rejuvenation….we hear it mentioned allot but what is it? how does it actually work?
Photo Rejuvenation is a laser facial, you can have it done in a couple different ways with a few different machines, but the treatment and concept is the same.
We are using heat and light from the laser with a target set on the machine to Melanin (Pigmentation) when pulsed on the skin will be attracted to the darkest pigments, therefor heating it up and fragmenting it into a smaller molecule, drawing it to the surface of the skin.
What does it feel like? Snapping of a hot elastic is the best way to describe the feeling, it isn’t the most comfortable treatment, but it is fast and very effective!
Is there down time? No I have done a Photo Facial on people for their lunch break! then just adding a tinted moisturizer and powder and sent them back to work! They will experience some heat to the skin and slight sensitivity and some redness for 24-48 hours, this varies person to person and a huge factor in this is amount of damage a person has, and how their skin tolerates the heat. You will notice for up to 48 hours the pigmentations on the skin will continue to darken and can even look like coffee grinds, both are very normal, it means the treatment has done its job bringing those pigmentations to the surface and will eventually sluff off revealing new healthy skin.
What is the after care? Keep the skin cool so no super hot showers, hot tubes, saunas or excessive work outs for 24-48 hours. You will want to avoid your retinols, vitamin c serums, or any glycolic or salicylic acids for 2 days before and about 5-7 days after a photo facial. Resuming regular skin regime at day 7, making sure your skin care specialist includes a great recommendation for an exfoliant to use between day 7-10 to help exfoliate all those dark coffee grinds off. A great option and ideally coming back in for a dermaplaning and light peel, or going into a microneedling session is ideal!
Most importantly, don’t do anything with your skin if you are unsure, always contact your skin professional!

FYI… Not only is Photo Rejuvenation an amazing treatment for anyone dealing with unwanted pigmentation, it will also trigger your collagen and elastin production in the skin by causing this slight injury to those pigmentated lesion (Sun Damage) giving the skin a tightening effect at the same time!

Knowledge is the most important thing to have before going into any procedure, so ask all the questions, do all the consultations, and do all the research.


Before & Afters from clients of Inspire Skin & Laser.