Specializing in hair removal and dermal skin care services.

It may sounds strange, but we really hear the same questions almost everyday! From laser hair removal, to skin concerns and conditions. Unfortunately and fortunately allot of people suffer with the same issues. Brings a whole new meaning to “we are all in the same boat” Not literally but in so many HUMAN ways we are!
Because of this we now have so many amazing solutions to these generalized concerns like unwanted hair, unwanted pigment, premature aging, spider veins etc…
The “beauty industry” is more than just beauty, it’s gotten a bad rap for being vain, but I am here to tell you this industry is life changing for people! Not only can we correct issues that really have the ability to boost ones confidence and self esteem in their day to day life, but we create a space to develop a relationship with clients that they may not have anywhere else, a space to speak freely in a comfortable place they come to in some cases depending on the treatment plan biweekly or monthly. We love what we do and are here for each and every one of our amazing clients who trust us so deeply.
Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. How many treatments will I need for Laser Hair Removal?

Now this is a tricky question because every humans body is different, some people respond very well and very quickly, some people its takes a little longer. There are also other factors such as, medications, hormonal imbalances, Stress levels, the amount of hair an individual has to begin with, as well as how well each person sticks to their treatment plan laid out by there technician.

2. Can I get rid of this pigmentation forever?

Unfortunatly the answer is no… once those pigmented cells are damaged they will always reappear with sun exposure.
The good news is we can get you started on the right products to keep it at bay, as well as clear it right up with the right treatments, but you will always need a little maintenance once a year to keep your skin clear and glowing.

3. Will my skin look worse if I start filler or botox and than stop?

No, but you will definitely feel like its worse, only because neuomodulators relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles, so the wrinkles can nearly disappear over time, when you stop it will gradually reappear and it will feel like its worse because you had almost no wrinkles before. Filler will over time gradually be broken down by your lymphatic system, if they are done right they are not as drastic and therefor not as noticeable as they fade.

4. Do you do woman and mens Brazilians?

YES! Almost everyone no matter their gender walk into our clinic for a Brazilian feeling nervous and uncomfortable, Its totally normal as this is a private and very sensitive and delicate area on the body. We do our best to ensure our clients are comfortable and this treatment is as quick and painless as possible! Keep in mind on average we do 6-15 Brazilians per day in our winter season! So don’t be nervous, you are in great hands!

5. Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Yes it does hurt a little, but it’s not unbearable. Our laser has a dynamic cooling system that keeps the treatment safe and comfortable! If you aren’t feeling a little bit of a snap, chances are that the follicle’s aren’t being destroyed.

6. Do we do Laser Hair Removal on woman’s Areola’s?

Yes! I would say more than half the woman who come for Laser Hair Removal have experienced or are experiencing hair growth on their Areola’s. This is hormonal and very normal!

7. What are the most important products for most peoples skin?

Vitamin C, Retinol A, SPF are the main staples and we build from there!

8. Is it Sun Damage or Melasma?

This is a question most well trained skin care specialist can tell you when looking at your skin if the pigment is visible at the surface. Melasma comes in patterns that are very distinctive.
But Melasma can be present without seeing it at the surface and some laser treatments can make it worse. So its very important to start with a Visa Skin Analysis before beginning any laser service series for pigmentation to be sure we have the right treatment for your specific skin needs!

9. Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Yes, but making sure to see a skin care specialist who knows your skin type, history and concerns to make the right choice in the peel being used and there are different blends of acids that target different concerns best. We also take into consideration the Fitzpatrick of the skin, previous treatment history, and base our choices on those factors as well to keep the integrity of your skin intact while targeting the concerns for the best outcome each time.

10. Why don’t you share more before and after’s?

In this industry allot of clients feel very much like this is a private treatment that they don’t want shared with the public world. We do have on our forms a question asking if our clients are comfortable with their photos being shared and 90% check No. This is never something we would want our clients feeling pressure about.

Im sure there are allot more questions, and if you have one or some please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and book a complimentary consultation with one of our Technicians.

Until next time!