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If you are Interested in Laser Hair Removal but have a million questions you want answered while in the comfort of your own home…well here it is a step by step walk through of my consultation.
Here at Inspire Skin & Laser we pride ourselves on being Well Educated, Health Canada Approved, Fraser Health Approved, and a comfortable, clean, safe space for your laser hair removal and skin treatments!
We have a Candela GentleMax Pro, this brand new class 4 laser is top of the line with multiple wavelengths making it possible for us to treat all skin types for laser hair removal safe and effectively. With its built in cooling system using Cryogen mist pre and post with every single pulse making the treatment not only more comfortable but also safer for the Fitz skin types 4 & 5 (Darker skin types).
How does the laser work to reduce the hair growth? The laser is set to target the chromophore Melanin (The pigment in our skin, hair and eyes) attracted to the pigment in the hair the light is then drawn down into the hair follicle where it cauterizes the blood supply (derma papilla) to the hair follicle active in the area, no blood supply no nutrients to the follicle so its stops producing and shrinks.
Why does the cycle of hair matter? There are 3 stages of hair growth that are important to us because the laser will only work on the active stage when the hair is still attached to the blood supply, the other two stages are dormant stages when the hair is being released and when its growing up and out of the follicle. The area being treated for example under arms have about 10% of the hair in the active stage during each treatments, which is why we not only need you to stick to a treatment plan set out for you depending on the area being treated by your laser technician, catching that active hair cycle each time, which will over a series of treatments reduce the hair production, generally we see anywhere from 6-10 treatments for a 90% reduction in the treatment area. There are varying factors of course such as Hormones, medications and disorders that affect the hair growth on our bodies, some people may find they always need a little more maintenance then someone else, but sticking to your specific treatment plan will ensure the best results possible for your reduction.
How far apart will my treatments be? Every area of the body is on a different hair cycle, generally speaking it will be between 4-10 weeks between your treatments.
Does laser hair removal hurt? This is the biggest question hands down, and that is because most people don’t like pain and want to know before they go in how it will feel. The best way to describe it is a snap of an elastic with a heat sensation, with our cooling system it is quite comfortable considering the results you get, its very much worth it!. Our laser has a speed setting so we can move very quickly, for example full legs is max 45 mins, so its very quick!
What can I expect after my treatment? You can expect to feel like you have a slight sun burn, so avoiding excessive heat to the area such as hot showers or baths, hot tubs, steam room or sauna, and excessive work outs for 24-48 hours at most. I tell my clients to be aware of how their skin feels to them, one client may not feel anything after whereas another may feel as though its slightly sensitive and warm for a day or so, be body aware and avoid heat till that feeling has subsided. There is a shed out process after laser hair removal, usually this happens around 7-10 days, it will seem as though the hair is “growing back” when in fact its just growing up and out of the follicle, once all the hair has shed you should have a break in growth for a couple weeks before your next appointment. Over your treatment series you will find the hair grows back softer and finer each time.
What do I do between treatments? Shave as often as you need to or help the shed out process after 7 days with a luffa or face cloth to gentle exfoliate the area. Do not wax, tweeze, or use any kind of epilation between treatments.
What’s the biggest No No in the laser hair removal world? Sun exposure or self tanning products for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your treatment. The laser as said above is set to be attracted to the Chromophore Melanin, this pigment is the same as in our skin hair and eyes, the laser does not know the difference and if you come to us with an active tan and aren’t honest about your sun exposure whether natural, from a tanning bed or with a self tanning product and we laser your hair you are at a higher risk for Hypo-pigmentation or Hyper-pigmentation (lightening or darkening of the skin) Burns, or higher level of discomfort after the treatment. Other things to be aware of are photosensitizing medications such as Accutane, and if you are on a treatment plan at Inspire it will feel like a broken record every time you come in being asked before each treatment “Have you had any kind of exposure to UV or sunless tanning products?” and “Have you had any medication changes since your last appointment?” Safety comes first always here for our clients.
We offer a complementary consultation to answer all of your questions, go over the treatment and set up a plan best suited for you.
Our pricing for laser hair removal is guaranteed the best, we will meet or beat our competitors! Offering individual treatment pricing and package pricing for a discount per treatment to make laser hair removal more affordable for people on the lower mainland. Pricing per area does not change, it is set regardless of a persons amount of hair, size, or time spent! We are transparent and come to the area with affordable medical grade laser hair removal for all our amazing clients who walk through our door!

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