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Summer is coming!
  For all you sun bunnies (like myself) don’t avoid it, enjoy the sun in a safe way! Wear your sunscreen, take a break, find the shade off and on, find that perfect hat, and put a light long sleeve on to break it up. Since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month I thought it would be a great time to tell you the difference between Chemical & Physical Sunscreens so you can make an educated choice when purchasing your SPF this spring and into summer.

CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS: Are given this name because they contain synthetic chemicals which absorb the UV rays, UVB & now UVA more often as well. Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that act as a screen to reduce radiation absorption to our skin. Often colourless, but generally have added scents. They typically leave only a slightly noticeable film to the skin, or slight shine. But most often preferred over the Physical sunscreens.

PHYSICAL SUNSCREENS: Are a sunblock rather than sunscreen. these sunblock’s contain either zinc oxide or titanium oxide which form a layer over the skin and physically block UV radiation from absorbing into the skin. Sunblock’s provide broad protection from both UVA and UVB. These Sunblock’s leave a whitish film over the skin and are often not preferred to sunscreen’s for this reason.

WHAT TYPE IS BETTER: I find most often when speaking to clients about SPF products chemical sunscreen is usually preferred. Because physical sunblock’s leave a whitish film on the surface of the skin, and the amount required, reapplication to use is often not being done because of this, therefore allowing harmful radiation absorption to the skin. Although science is a pretty cool thing, we are seeing more of a transparent zinc oxide being used in allot of the physical sunblock’s now, look for that when purchasing, very much preferred to regular zinc oxide. Research has shown chemical sunscreens generate more free radicals, which can cause our skin to age more quickly. When picking the right Sunscreen or Sunblock for you and your family make sure your purchasing from a reputable skin care line. How do you know its reputable? You will find the better products from a spa/clinical setting, as opposed to a drug store purchase. If your budget doesn’t allow for a cosmeceutical or pharmaceutical product, your better choice would then be to purchase a physical sunblock as the chemical product quality would be lower from a drug store product line. Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing everything we put onto it, knowing what goes into our skin is so important.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I absolutely love Glo Minerals Tinted Moisturizer, it has a light tint to even out skin tone, the moisture level is great even for oily skin types, and it is an 30 SPF. For my body in the summer when I’m most active, in and out of the water and know ill be in the sun for longer periods of time, I choose Elta MD Sport, it has a transparent zinc oxide, its oil free so great for all skin types and application is good for up to 80 mins of SPF. We live in such a beautiful area, beaches abundant, and out door activities, get out there and enjoy it as much as possible!

Harmony Aven.