Specializing in hair removal and dermal skin care services.

Dermaplaning is a physical form of exfoliating the epidermis, (outer most layer of the skin) using different gauged blades, taking with it all the Vellus Hairs (peach fuzz) as well, leaving the skin smooth & clean.
When combined with a Chemical Peel or HydraFacial the exfoliation is deeper, and product penetration is better! Combination therapy is our jam! Results when done properly can be life and skin changing!
Not just with Dermaplaning but in all skin treatment plans, its so important to have a plan set out by a professional skin care specialist, from home care to clinical treatments!
Dermaplaning is also great in combination with Micro-Needling, topical numbing creams penetrate better resulting in a more comfortable treatment, and once healed have the added smoothness of having removed all that peach fuzz.
Benefits to regular Dermaplaning in combination with a Chemical Peel:
Promoting more regular cell turn over.
Products penetrates the skin better.
Triggering cell turn over and adding a chemical peel help to diminish unwanted pigmentation.
You’ll have smoother makeup applications.
General skin health with improved tone and texture.

Will it hurt?
No! You will feel a very light scraping, but clients feel like its a satisfying feeling, and for those clients with sensitive skin we use a Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil for a more smooth glide.
Will the hair grow back thicker and darker?
This is an old wives tale, the hair will grow back in the same condition it was growing prior to Dermaplaning. The only thing to trigger thicker, darker hair regrowth it removal of the hair from the follicle (Epilation).
Does the chemical peel really peel my skin? 
Not usually, unless your skin really needs the peel or you have very sensitive skin. Keep in mind peeling is very good for your skin and what is revealed after, bright beautiful tone and texture.
We use a light- medium chemical peel from Derma MD, depending on your skins tolerance, it takes time to build your skin to a stronger % of peels.
How often should I have the Dermaplaning/Peel combo done?
We recommend every 4-6 weeks for best results. Depending on skin type and sensitivity as well has hair growth cycle speed.
Generally speaking we want to trigger our cell turn over every month. As we age our cell turn over slows down significantly, so lets keep that healthy turn over happening!
Can I put makeup on right after?
Yes. We recommend using Glo Mineral based makeup. Its Talc free so very breathable for your skin.
How long does the treatment take?
We book an hour and 15 mins for the combination treatment.

What are the steps I can expect during treatment?
We always pre cleanse, then hot towel, Dermaplaning begins, two passes over the whole face, apply peel, neutralize peel, apply recovery mask your skin practitioner will choose according to your skin needs, and finish with best products suited to your specific skin needs.